Process shots

Another digital painting down for the count. I thought I would show my process work for something like this. My process varies around some, this happens to be one of my more counter productive processes. Hope you enjoy.


playing around

Janie Harris: Benefit Poster

Finally updating some of my work, about time. Here is the Janie Harris poster that I was fortunate enough to work on, thanks to Jane Nailon. It was an Honor to be able to contribute to the event. Also a thanks to everybody who attended.


Boise Bike Project "Art Bike"

I was fortunate enough to be invited to create an "Art bike" for the Boise Bike Project. Follow along as I update my progress on painting this thing up. Who knows what direction it will go. I have a blank frame and a world of creative possibilities. I am excited.


"See Horse" BFA Thesis Exhibition

Hi all, finally a new post on this thing. Recently I was involved in the Boise State University BFA Thesis Exhibition: See Horse. If you still haven't seen the show come stop in the gallery and check it out.